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Launched: February 15, 2018


YourVolume is here to help provide you with tools to help your music discovery and music organization.

At the time of writing this, YourVolume focuses on Spotify, providing you with a weekly curated playlist based on your listening habits.

Album Discovery: Call it being a product of the late 80s, but I can’t help but feel that MP3s killed the album. This sentiment brings me back to browsing an FYE store and leaving with 2-4 records to bring home, and binge-listen. And then repeat the following week. Album Discovery brings the ‘full album listening habit’ back to your ears. Using the Spotify API, you will get a new playlist containing 4-7 albums you’d likely have never listened to but would thoroughly enjoy. These albums are intended not to be top chart albums, so you’re bound to find some great new songs.

The plan is to build out more features and tools to YourVolume.


Language: Ruby

Framework: Rails

Tools: Spotify API, Heroku

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