Highly experienced Software Engineering Manager with a solid track record in full-stack web application development. Adept in not only technical advancements but also in managerial and interpersonal skill development. Committed to the principles of integrity, continuous improvement, and mutual respect in all endeavors.

Professional Experience

Software Engineer Manager

  • Direct oversight of the design and execution of Jobcase's employer marketplace products and features, ensuring seamless user experiences and high customer satisfaction.
  • Streamlined team workflows, driving efficient practices in software development that led to meeting key project milestones, goals, and OKRs consistently.
  • Managed and triaged day-to-day product performance in close collaboration with product managers, boosting operational efficiency.
  • Presided over agile and scrum rituals, fostering a culture of agility and continuous improvement.

Senior Software Engineer

  • Played a pivotal role as a Full Stack Software Developer in creating a social platform focused on empowering the world's workforce.
  • Instrumental in the core team that successfully transitioned Jobcase's monolith application to a distributed microservice environment.
  • Assumed the role of Engineering Lead for various cross-functional and third-party initiatives, developing both internal and product-facing tools and features.
  • Served as the Scrum Lead for the core transition team, enhancing team collaboration and productivity.
  • Mentored junior developers, fostering a learning culture and helping in talent development.

Software Engineer

  • Contributed to the development of a modular Ruby on Rails application leveraging 20+ engines, JavaScript, HTML, CSS/SASS, and SQL.
  • Collaborated with teams of 2-5 on critical path development with rapid 1-week sprint cycles, ensuring timely and efficient delivery.
  • Developed intricate backend features using a complex database model structure, enhancing application functionality and performance.


UMass Amherst - Isenberg School of Management

Resource Economics (Managerial Economics in Resource Industries)


Ruby on Rails Apprentice


... and much more.