Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history developing full-stack web applications. Forever pursing continuous improvement not only technically but in management and inter-personal skills.

Doing my best to live by the Golden Rules; Do the right thing and Treat people the way you want to be treated.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer

Working as a Fullstack Software Developer, building a social platform dedicated to empowering and advocating the world's workforce. Part of the core team transitioning Jobcase's monolith application to a distributed microservice environment. Engineering Lead for cross functional and third-party initiatives building internal and product facing tools and features. Scrum lead for core transition team. Mentor for junior developers.

Software Engineer

Worked on a modular Ruby on Rails application utilizing 20+ engines, Javascript, HTML, CSS/SASS, and SQL. Worked in groups of 2-5 on critical path development with 1-week sprint cycles. Configured backend features utilizing a complex database model structure.


UMass Amherst - Isenberg School of Management

Resource Economics (Managerial Economics in Resource Industries)


Ruby on Rails Apprentice


... and much more.